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A benefit is only useful if your staff members knows what it does, how it helps them and how to claim it. As many people in HR and People departments will know, getting staff to use benefits isn’t always easy. We’ve prepared some resources and easy steps you can take to make sure more of your staff claim their Orka Pay accounts.

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Why set up Orka Pay?

Firstly, it’s important to understand why staff should claim and set up their Orka Pay accounts, even if they have no intention of using them:

  1. Orka Pay is beneficial to have on hand in emergencies. Suppose an employee finds themselves in a situation where they need money fast. In that case, Orka Pay can help them afford vital costs, like car repairs or unexpected household bills, without reaching for a credit card or going into an expensive overdraft.
  2. The Orka Pay app is free to download and keep on a phone.
  3. By simply leaving the app on their phone, they’re better prepared to manage money in emergencies with a safe and reliable way to access money. It can also be a helpful safety net whilst travelling, moving house or during similar activities.

Finally, if your workers can pick up more shifts, they know they’ll have access to the money straight after working. This can motivate staff who are able to pick up more hours. It gives them more control and autonomy over their finances, creating a better impression of your company.

How to encourage more staff to claim their accounts

Here are just some helpful tips you can use to get your staff more informed about the benefits of Orka Pay:

1. Market Orka Pay from the get-go

As Earned Wage Access is quite a new concept for many industries, Orka Pay is quite the pull when recruiting. More and more people, especially young employees, have expressed they would want more flexibility around pay.

Adding Orka Pay badges to your job ads, recruitment website, benefits overview and to your onboarding material won’t just let staff know it’s available but will show them you care about the staff’s financial well-being, too!

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2. Spread the (good) word

Excuse me, do you have the time to speak about our Lord and saviour, Orka Pay?

In all seriousness, we’re not expecting you to preach for us, but we’d love to send you some free posters, leaflets and cards to keep in your offices and on sites. This will help employees quickly get an overview of what Orka Pay is, how to use it and how to get started.

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3. Arrange regular internal marketing

In addition to the printed assets, you can use a range of methods to boost uptake. We’ve created emails, messages or copy that you distribute regularly or use when you promote other benefits.

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4. Give employees support to claim their account

Orka Pay is simple and easy to use. But if you’ve never used anything like it, you may need some help to get started.

Here are some resources you can send employees:

A tutorial on how to claim your account >
Guidance on how to make your first withdrawal >
Contact me, Yass, the Orka Pay Employee Activation Expert >

5. Nominate Orka Pay Superstars

If anyone in the company learns their way around Orka pay particularly well, they tend to help other employees get onboarded and claim their accounts, too.

From our side, it’s great to give these employees recognition.

We’ve created a process where you can easily nominate a Financial Well-Being Superstar. In return, we will send them badges to display their expertise and a little reward as a token of our appreciation!

People who want to can also add Orka Pay as a skill on our Orka Technology Group Linkedin page.

5. Get creative

Want to give Orka Pay uptake a bit of a push? We can support you with more ideas and assets across the board.

Get in touch with our Employee Activation Expert, Yass, for an initial consultation on increasing uptake or any issues your employees are experiencing.

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