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We’re thrilled to announce that the staff management platform Planday (recently acquired by software giant Xero) has officially integrated with Orka Pay, becoming the latest company to join the Orka Integration Program. The initial goal of the integration is to offer Earned Wage Access to Plandays 350,000 users, with the long-term aim to integrate Planday with Orka’s other products.

Paving the way for the partnership

Denmark-based open platform Planday provides businesses with workforce management solutions that simplify staff scheduling, allowing them to better manage payrolls and staffing needs. When accounting software giant Xero acquired the firm in its largest purchase to date, it paved the way for further expansion into new markets and accelerated Planday’s partnership program. We’re thrilled that they have chosen Orka as one of their esteemed integration partners, starting with our Earned Wage Access product, Orka Pay.

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Providing Earned Wage Access

“Whilst Planday focuses more on providing companies with innovative tech, Orka Pay focuses more on the workers by creating products that help them find, onboard and get paid more easily. This partnership combines the two, and that’s why it’s so exciting.” Says James Doyle, CCO of Orka Technology Group.

Orka Pay is designed to give employees access to up to 50% of the wages they’ve already earned as soon as they’ve worked a shift. Not only does this remove the paperwork and admin from providing salary advances for employees, but it also means the worker can manage their money privately and easily through a smartphone app.

Orka Pay is a safe, reliable and better alternative to dangerous loans, credit, overdrafts and buy-now-pay-later schemes and doesn’t affect a user’s credit score when utilised.

A timely partnership

By integrating with Orka Pay, Planday will enable all their users to offer this benefit to their employees as a helping hand through the rising cost of living and the winter months.

“As a leading earned wage access partner and as an exciting business that shares our mission to make life easier for employers and employees, Orka’s offering is timely for our clients and will help them retain talent at a critical period in the jobs market.” Says Planday’s Partnerships Manager Mitchell Walker.

“This is a hugely significant partnership which will enable thousands of businesses across the UK to offer their staff more financial freedom during the cost of living crisis through early access to wages, helping to improve employee satisfaction and retention. As these firms continue to face global hiring challenges, this offering will also help them to stand out and attract the best talent,” says James, and mentions it’s just the start of their journey with Planday.

“We intend to build on this by becoming long-term innovation partners with Planday, and we’re very excited about the possibilities this will offer in the future.”