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More and more employers across sectors are offering Earned Wage Access as a benefit to their employees. As we see significant increases in the cost of living, employers want to help their staff keep in control of their money. Simultaneously, Earned Wage Access technology like Orka Pay can help reduce the admin and paperwork needed to manage advance requests and the manual adjustment of this for payroll.

Overall, Earned Wage Access is something entirely new for a lot of people, so here’s a blog covering some of the most frequently asked questions we get from companies.

What does the onboarding process look like?

The onboarding process with Orka Pay is quick and easy.

Let’s start with the commercial part of onboarding, which often follows a free, private non-commital demo.

  • The first step is performing a credit check, which has to be performed for all potential clients.
  • The steps after this consist of signing several documents. Throughout this process you will have help and support from your Account Manager at every step.
  • Finally, we’ll create your account!

After this process is complete, we want to focus on launching Orka Pay to your staff – and telling the world about our partnership.

To start this process, our marketing team will get in touch with you to plan a public launch of Orka Pay, supplying you with digital and physical material to support the launch and employee uptake and also outlining resources and tutorials to get your staff started on Orka Pay.

Onboarding, activation and launch normally takes between 5 – 10 days, but for some companies with more complex structures, it can take longer.

How do I deactivate Orka Pay for an employee who leaves my business?

If a member of staff leaves, you are not at risk, as Orka Pay will only give them access to shifts you’re already approved.

For clients with Workforce Management System integrations, you can deactivate your member of staff on your system as usual. This will automatically pull through to Orka Pay. As a backup, even if they’re not deactivated in your systems, shifts will not be getting worked and recorded, so their Orka Pay balance will have £0 available.

For Portal Upload clients, remove the employee from the CSV sheets used when uploading onto the Orka Pay Portal. As long as you’re not uploading income for them, we will not be adding to their Orka Pay account.

When do you give us your net deductions report?

This will be automatically emailed at your payroll cutoff date, which is pre-programmed into the system. The net deductions report will be redistributed with our subsequent invoices.

Is VAT chargeable?

Our interest fee is VAT exempt under current VAT legislation.

How do we process this report through payroll?

We provide the deduction report as a CSV with your pre-defined unique identifier. The unique identifier will enable you to map our CSV into your payroll software. Our deductions should be treated as net pay deductions after PAYE, NI, pensions and other statutory deductions.

If you have any questions around this, your Account Manager will be at hand to help you process the report correctly. In the future, we’re looking to automate this process.

How does the Portal Upload work and how can use it?

Some customers do not use a Workforce Management System that is fully integrated with Orka Pay. If that’s the case for you, your company can use our Upload Portal to provide the benefit to employees. By simply uploading a CSV export once a week, all your employees will see their up-to-date balance in their app and be able to withdraw at their convenience.

You should do an upload once a week, but you can do this more frequently depending on employee demands.

Your Account Manager will support you and show you how to do a Portal Upload, an dyou can also find simple instructions here.

What does Orka Pay cost?

Orka Pay charges a transaction fee when employees withdraw from the app. The first £50 pounds drawn per month for every user is free. Please refer to your commercial terms or speak to one of our team for more details.

Is Orka Pay easy to use?

Yes. You don’t need any special skills or equipment to use it. If you are an existing company and have thoughts on how we could improve the products, you’re welcome to leave feedback.

What are your policies regarding GDPR?

Please refer to our GDPR policy here and our T&Cs here for more information on this.

What do you do to identify people who are using Orka Pay too much?

Our Community team regularly monitor user activity for any key red flags. This is done confidentially to protect user interest and cannot be shared with employers to maintain GDPR and user privacy.

Our community team look for the following signs:

  • Heavy drawdowns
  • Utilising more than 50% of their availability
  • Frequent/regular use

What do you do to help people who could be at risk?

Our Community Team are on hand to support your employees and proactively reach out to anyone who we feel may be at risk. We are currently in the process of developing more resources and onboarding material that will support and raise awareness about financial health.

For now, you can orientate your staff on responsible use through this blog. You can also find resources and help with supporting financial well-being for employers here.

Can I set my own limits in terms of how much my staff can withdraw in a month?

Yes. Please let us know if this is something you would like more information about.

What is the minimum/maximum amount staff can withdraw per transaction?

The minimum withdrawal amount for users is £50. Withdrawals of £50 are also fee-free. The maximum withdrawal is the employee’s approved available balance. .

What are you doing to assist my employees’ financial well-being?

Our Community team regularly monitor user activity for any key red flags. This is done confidentially to protect user interest and cannot be shared with employers to maintain GDPR and user privacy.

Our community team look for the following signs:

  • Heavy drawdowns
  • Utilising more than 50% of their availability
  • Frequent/regular use

We are currently in the process of developing more resources and onboarding material that will support and raise awareness about financial health. You can check this blog outlining responsible use and resources for people who may be struggling financially.

What happens if I want to change my WFM system – do my employees lose Orka Pay?

They would lose Orka Pay if you changed WFM systems without notifying us. But if you are looking to change, please keep us in the loop as we could potentially provide it through the new WFM system you choose, or even move to our Portal Upload function.

When does a user’s balance reset to zero?

At the payroll cut-off date.

I want to put a hard cap on the amount available to every employee. Is this possible?

Yes. Please let us know if this is something you would like more information about by getting in touch with the team.

Who is my account manager, and how do you approach account management?

At Orka Pay, we have a dedicated Account Manager to give clients the best possible experience. Your Account Manager will be introduced during the sales and onboarding process and will be there to guide you through the entire process.

After you are onboarded as a client, your Account Manager will be in regular contact to check everything is running smoothly from your side and to hear feedback from you and your team.

Can I identify what my staff are withdrawing before receiving your net deductions report?

Currently, you can’t.

But, we are looking to develop this very soon. Should you need to know this, contact your Account Manager, and they can give an overview of the total withdrawn.

Is my employees’ data secure? What security measures do you have in place?

The Orka Technology Group development team team is committed to the highest standards of cybersecurity for their product. Annual penetration testing across our product suite, as an absolute minimum, is performed to CHECK standards, and any issues discovered are given the highest priority in our backlog.

Two-factor authentication is enabled by default as an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password. All products are hosted in Google Cloud Platform (GCP), where we take advantage of the secure-by-design infrastructure and built-in protection.

All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and all GCP infrastructure builds security through progressive layers that deliver true defence in depth. Moreover, for all of our office infrastructure, we use Boundary firewalls and Internet gateways, Secure configuration, User access control, Malware protection, and Patch management.

How does the money flow work?

Once an employee has an approved withdrawal request, the money is transferred to them through our payments provider. Monies are initially loaned to your Employer Client Account and then advanced automatically to your employee’s bank account.

How quickly is the money available in my employees’ accounts once they withdraw?

This will be available within seconds, if not immediately. There is no delay.

What happens if a staff member doesn’t use Orka Pay? I assume I pay them without deduction?

Correct. Any employee that does not withdraw through Orka Pay will not have a deduction at the end of the payroll period.

Why is your agreement with my business and not with my employees?

The Orka Pay process is built in the most efficient way possible, meaning we provide you with the technology and credit facility to offer this benefit to your team.

Does this impact my employees’ credit scores?

Not at all. Your employees are not taking a loan; they are simply accessing a portion of the pay they’ve already earned. As such, there is no impact on their credit score, and there is no credit search made against them.

Does your credit check impact my company’s credit score?

No. We make “soft” searches against the beneficial owners of your company, which do not leave a lasting impression on your credit file.

Is Earned Wage Access an employee taking a loan?

No, it’s not a loan. It’s classed as an advance. The employee is withdrawing only from monies that have been earned and approved by you, their employer. Therefore, the request they make is an advance on their salary, with no credit or loan taken.

When does my company pay you for the transactions?

At the end of the payroll period, once the deductions are locked, all deductions and transaction fees are calculated and sent to you for payroll processing. These will be collected by Direct Debit on or around your payroll payment date.

If you have any questions about this whatsoever, get in touch with your Account Manager.

Do you invoice for transactions, and how should I account for them?

Yes, we invoice for transactions. Each company has their own accounting policy. However, we recommend our invoice is processed through your Balance Sheet and deducted from your Wages Payable account code.

If you have any questions about this, your Account Manager will be on hand to help.

Why do I have to pay you via Direct Debit?

Orka Pay has been designed to have as little cash flow impact on clients as possible. The Direct Debit both ensures that your salary payments are settled on time and also that we can replenish your pot balance for the cycle ahead.

Are you integrated with my payroll software?

We are currently not integrated into payroll systems. However, it is on our Road Map!

What’s your termination period if I’m not happy with your services?

Our agreement can be terminated should we receive 90 days’ notice in writing. If you are unhappy with our service, we would, of course, like to try and resolve the issues you’ve been having before cancellation. Get in touch with your Account Manager or email, and we will be more than happy to help you.

What happens if you increase your transaction fee?

We regularly monitor Bank of England interest rates and will be in touch in advance of making any changes. Whilst we can’t guarantee the rates on our transaction fees won’t change, we can ensure you we will do our best to keep them as low as possible!

Do you offer any training to my staff for the Portal Upload?

Yes. Please speak to your Account Manager if you require further training. We also have some tutorials and resources in this blog.

How do I communicate the launch of Orka Pay to my employees?

Once you’ve gone through the commercial onboarding process, our Marketing team will be in touch about the actual launch of Orka Pay. Not only will they supply digital and physical assets needed to launch Orka Pay to your employees, but they will also want to shout about collaborating with you across social media in a mini-launch campaign.

On the agreed launch date, Orka Pay will also reach out to employees with everything they need to download and get started on the app.

If you have more questions or if you’re interested in activating Orka Pay, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team at

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